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A Cuvitru & HyQvia/Hyhub Patient Video Proposal by Serif

Project Name
Cuvitru & HyQvia/HyHub Patient Videos
Project Year
Project Management
Director's Treatment
Video Production
Talent Management
Post Production
2D & 3D Motion Graphics

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Serif Services

Below are Serif services that will help support the Syneos Cuvitru & HyQvia/Hyhub Patient video production from start to finish.

  • Project Management/Content Producing: Orchestrating client communication–ensuring client goals are met 100% throughout pre-production, production and post-production period.


  • Video Production: Capturing scenes for full-length patient video creation, location scouting, set and lighting design, and media storage.


  • Talent Management: Finding the right voices and on-screen talent for the Cuvitru & HyQvia/HyHub patient videos that meet Syneos goals and vision.
  • Post Production: Crafting a high-quality 10-12 minute Cuvitru video, 23-25 minute HyQvia/HyHub video and two 5-minute ISI cutdowns utilizing the assets shot in studio.


  • 2D & 3D Motion Graphics: Bringing static assets to life to convey complex ideas and keep the viewer visually engaged as they learn.


  • Design: Making sure all text and graphics on screen are legible, with fonts and colors that enhance the viewing experience for greater comprehension.

Previous Healthcare Clients


Case Studies

Project themes below: Lifestyle Footage, Voiceover, Motion Graphics, and Product Demo

Abbott Labs

Themes: Voiceover (Unscripted), Lifestyle Footage, Product Demo

Project Title: Indulge

Description: [At first glance, there’s not much in common between a painting and a granola bar. Serif saw a deeper connection, and created a short film showcasing the similarities between mixing healthy ingredients into a bar and the intentional selection of paints and mediums a master painter utilizes. With a rich voiceover and beautiful product shots, this project shines in its simplicity.]

Northside Pharmacies

Themes: Lifestyle Footage, Voiceover (Scripted)

Project Title: Every Step

Description: [A lifestyle project done in collaboration with a longtime client, Serif makes a multi-location production look easy. With our hands in every part of the process from concepting to post, this is a Serif production through and through.]


Themes: 2D + 3D Motion Graphics, Voiceover, Design

Project Title: MDP Product Explainer

Description: When introducing an unfamiliar product, using multiple mediums at once to explain how to use it can be invaluable. Through a mixture of easy to understand 2D graphics, companion voiceover, and 3D renders of a complex fabric, our team crafted an explainer video for MDP customers to help them understand how to utilize every aspect of the product. This approach was designed to target every learning style effectively.

Disciplines: 2D + 3D Motion Graphics, Voiceover, Design

Northside Pharmacies

Themes: 2D + 3D Motion Graphics, Voiceover, Design

Project Titles: Immunization Info, My Meds Explainer

Description: Public health communication is as much about boiling down complicated topics as it is about showing the public how a new service or product can help them in their everyday lives. To meet Northside Pharmacies messaging goals, we took a clean design approach with pops of color, a friendly and engaging voice, and motion graphics.

Meeder Investment Management

Themes: 2D + 3D Motion Graphics, Voiceover, Design

Project Title: Market Movements

Description: We understood from the outset of working with Meeder that ease of understanding was important for their mission of financial education, but so was precision. By simplifying complex data sets into visually appealing charts and graphs, we were able to fulfill both constraints without compromise.

Meet the Team

Here are the creative minds you’ll be working with
to bring your project to life.

Doug casts the creative vision and directs most films, but also supports the whole team by removing roadblocks so everyone can reach their full creative potential.

Doug Joseph

Founder & CEO

When it comes to hammering out a contract, Andy will be there with you every step of the way, making sure we craft an agreement that everyone can get behind.

Andy Stiebler

President & Director of Strategy

Audrey handles logistics like a champ. She’s the one who works out all the behind the scenes details, making sure everything from craft services to billing runs smoothly.

Audrey Plant

Operations Manager

Steph will be your day-to-day point of contact, filling you in on timelines, overseeing productions, and coordinating the whole team into a well oiled machine.

Steph Snyder

Content Producer & Production Manager

You might not see Liam very often, but he’s the one who takes all the designs and video assets and shapes them into the final product you’ll get to enjoy.

Liam Bruce


Sean is our expert designer who enhances every production with custom made graphics that are easy to understand and a delight to the eyes.

Sean Gorant

Senior Designer

Reilly helps Sean out with the details of making designs, but also shares the process and final product we create with you on social media to share with our audience and drum up excitement.

Reilly Sapp


Stay in Touch

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