Relish Works

A collaboration with Relish Works, an innovation lab that is setting the stage for the future of dining.

Project Name
Restaurant of the Future
Project Year
Story Development
Creative Development
Illustration & Animation
Video Production
Post Production
Music Production

Relish Works devoted a year to observing restaurant culture, meticulously researching, curating, and producing their book, Restaurant of the Future, which discusses how technology and society may impact the future of the food industry. Our team was then tasked with adapting the book’s content into a video format.

Serif was able to bring our 90-page publication to life in a much more meaningful way, with motion and sound. Their video captures all insights with a thoughtful energy we never could have dreamed up ourselves.

Molly Doman

Visual Design Lead
Relish Works

Tap Into Your Imagination

The magic of animation invites your imagination to take over. Our team instantly knew that a whimsical style was necessary for communicating such a conceptual idea while leaving room for interpretation. One of the themes highlighted in the book is “intentionality;” it also happened to be one of the values we embraced as we put our creative minds to work on this project.

Through translating the design language of the book to motion, we turned the flat colors and simple text styles into gigantic kinetic letters that would be as lively and expressive as our illustrations.

Sean Gorant


Collaboration and Community

We believe in being purposeful. We believe in choosing the right person for the job—not just anyone will do. For this reason, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with local artists who specialize in their craft. This project allowed us to partner with illustrator Katie Chandler, who could visually portray the abstract idea, and musician Glenn Davis, who could create a whimsical custom track to the imagination. As a result of these choices and collaborations, we took the project to the next level, making it a true success.

The shared enthusiasm between the client and our team during the project elevated the creative. It was fun to establish a fresh and unique visual language to help visualize the future of dining!

Andy Stiebler

Strategy Director

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