Proven Empowerment

We shed light on what it means to win from within with Myoplex products.

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Proven Empowerment
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In partnership with Myoplex, we crafted a multi-media campaign with the overarching ethos addressing Proven Empowerment. The core creative of those campaigns were videos that narrate the impact of transformation, highlighting the moment an individual decides to make a change and act on it. Myoplex wanted to see a transformation in the world and in the perception of their products, which is exactly what these 95 multi-use videos accomplished.

Flipping the Charts

A united effort from multidisciplinary stakeholders examined how a 3 year sales decline could be reversed. These efforts resulted in the fusion of art and commerce that not only turned the tide, but resulted in a positive 15% sales growth.

Enter the Arena

A series of vignettes and narrative features that illustrate the passion and commitment each athlete has in their quest for greatness. These videos convey that greatness starts in the mind and in the belief that anyone can overcome the adversity in front of them. Garnering millions of views across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, these expressive videos effectively connect the audience to Myoplex products.



Growing a New Following

Using new customer personas and targeted creative content, we achieved a 300% increase in the brand’s social media following. These activations also led to 100,000 new email subscribers across various campaigns.

It’s Time

An extension of the Enter the Arena campaign, It’s Time is a follow-up series that dives deeper into individual athletes’ stories. It spoke to the audience by focussing on how featured athletes overcome daily challenges and crush their goals. To continue the atmospheric feel of the campaign, we designed and built a custom studio light wall. It captures the internal struggle individuals face when they decide it’s time for a change.




Award winning connections

Not only did the athlete stories, atmosphere, and product messaging grow the social following and sales. But the creative resulted in a Hermes Platinum Agency award for best in class scenic and art direction.

Results That Really Matter

By monitoring social data we were able to consistently adapt creative and messaging that prioritized customer engagement over more superficial vanity metrics.

Connecting the world of digital with a production approach that was anchored in practical lighting and analog electronic effects was simply really, really fun. Working top-to-bottom on building a 24ft backlit plexi glass wall, to figuring out sweeping camera movements during limited athlete takes, were all fun and energizing challenges!

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