Noble Cut Distillery

A brand built on the family lore of noble legends
and not-so-noble chronicles.

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Noble Cut Brand Development
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Brand Strategy
Story Development

From the very first time we met Tony Guilfoy and his team, we realized that family origin, community, and authenticity are all integral elements that drove their collective passions.

Opening a distillery takes diligence. Not only in craft, but in legal perseverance. By the time they focused on their identity, Noble Cut needed a fresh perspective and a renewed energy. Tapping into their provocative family stories provided the perfect runway to launch their new spirits brand.

“Here’s to a full-bodied Italian with a lionhearted soul, who acquired in secret circumstances far beyond the groves, A limoncello recipe at least two hundred years old.” – Seraphina

Connecting Consumers to Noble Cut

Working in concert with Noble Cut on their product goals was key to defining a visual language that communicates quality to customers. However, having a pretty bottle isn’t enough in today’s retail culture. Connecting the visual cues to meaningful lore was key to giving the brand a personality.

“Serif provided us with needed brand direction. Their team took our product and created a brand that speaks to the quality of our products. By trusting them with the look, we were able to concentrate on perfecting our products. Serif has helped us sell more product through brand recognition.”

Tony Guilfoy


Nobility, Rogues, Saints, and Black Sheep

Along with Tony’s maverick personality, the varied branches of the family tree provided ample archetypes for Noble Cut’s bold flavor profiles. Defining the brand personality was not only a visual challenge, but a literary one.

Launching the brand with Tony’s great-great grandmother, Seraphina, was an appropriately bold, and disruptive entry for Noble Cut. We crafted a poem centered on this matriarch, whose limoncello recipe inspired generations of Guilfoys.

Embracing colorful family characters, Noble Cut created a way to connect with consumers whose own family legends may not be so far removed. These stories enable Noble Cut to bring unique personality to their diverse recipes and provide ample opportunities to extend the brand.

Fun Names, New Flavors, Great Limoncello

Making a bold decision on which product to launch first can make or break a new distillery. Choosing Grandma Seraphina’s secret limoncello recipe proved to be the perfect disruption for a category dominated by overt masculinity.

“Working with Noble Cut has been a great experience for our team. It’s exciting to cross mediums like poetry and illustration, then mold them together into a stunning brand that connects to people.”

Doug Joseph

Chief Executive Officer

Royally Distilled. Thoughtfully Constructed.

Flavors and stories alone cannot launch a brand. Selecting the right bottles, cork caps, and label stock that stand out on a crowded shelf were crucial to our shared success.

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