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A collaboration with the Nationwide iNHouse media team, gave us the opportunity to craft an emotional story with cinematic beauty.

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Each time farmers and grain handlers step into a grain bin to remove clumped or rotting grain, they risk their lives. Serif Creative and Nationwide iNHouse media collaborated to tell the story of a successful Grain Bin rescue in Glenville, Minnesota.

Nationwide Insurance, at its root was founded by Farmers, and to this day, Nationwide provides grants and business services to support farmers. Grain Bin Safety week is a grant initiative that supports the education, and supplying of rescue equipment to rural fire departments to help them save farmers lives.

As a creative team, we wanted to capture an emotional story, and help leadership identify with the people Nationwide is impacting through the safety grants they fund.

“Partnering with the Serif team was an extremely positive experience. Their energy and enthusiasm for our request was apparent from the first meeting. I appreciated that they’re strategically focused, but never lost sight of telling an engaging story. They more than delivered on the goal to make an emotional connection with our audience — through the story and the stunning cinematic footage.”

Cindy Esker

Creative Director

Energy and Purpose

The magic of an emotional story invites people to connect to your brand, especially when your brand is authentically aligned to the story. Our team was instantly drawn to this story of human connection, particularly how a seemingly mundane corporate “grant” can have such amazing ripple effects in a small community.

We had to honor the story with all the energy we could conjure.  Grain Bin Safety Week raises awareness of the dangers fo grain bins as farmers begin planning for the upcoming season.

When the Nationwide team reached out to us, their CEO wanted to accomplish two things – Emotional Storytelling. Emotional Connection and Storytelling are Serif’s two pillars since the founding the company. The human story, documentary approach allowed us to hit the goal of emotional storytelling.

Doug Joseph


Collaboration and Community

We believe in being purposeful. Connecting with the Nationwide team, our creative partners in Minnesota, and the community of Glenville was a powerful experience — We knew that this story and creative would have ripples that will impact the lives of other farmers, and the funding of future safety grants.

We wanted to not only capture the story of the rescue, but most importantly we wanted to capture the spirit of Glenville. The story at its core, is one of community, neighborly love and grace. All important pillars that celebrate humanity.

Working on such a powerful human interest story, that directly impacts the safety of farmers and firefighters motivated our team to really dial in the structure of the story, and push the potential to create a lasting impact with anyone who views the film.

Andy Stiebler

Strategy Director

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