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Who doesn’t love puppets?

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The Eggmund & Jesse Show
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Story Development
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Writing in Puns

From the outset, we knew the Jesse & Eggmund show needed to be quick and to the point, but still lighthearted. The solution? Using analogies to help viewers understand concepts such as diversification, volatility, and dividends. By intentionally writing bite sized minute long episodes we were able to keep viewers engaged while Eggmund used egg-based humor to keep things light.

I had never directed puppets, so to prep for this project I studied vintage Jim Henson puppet videos. My preparation paid off and I couldn’t have directed this film without the support of Jesse and our incredible crew!

Doug Joseph


How to Jim Henson

Going in, we knew next to nothing about puppet productions, but we did have a secret weapon: Alex Thomas & Friends, a professional puppeteering company from Michigan.

Alex was extremely passionate about his craft, and it inspired everyone else on set to keep working through any challenges we met along the way. Alex and Doug working together made the puppets come alive in a way neither of us could have achieved on our own.

When working with puppets, there’s an excuse for everyone to be more playful, silly, and in a way, tap into their inner child. You could feel the electricity on set and the team definitely let that excitement flow into these shorts.

Alex Thomas

Puppet Master

Creating a Felt World

By making our sets a mix of real locations with felt and toy props, we were able to bring puppets to life in our world while still keeping a consistently fantastical touch. This being a puppet production also meant every set had to be raised so the puppeteers could kneel out of sight and lift the puppets into view, an interesting challenge that helped foster our creativity.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our work or services or want to get started on that big project you’ve been thinking of, we would love the opportunity to work with you so let’s talk!

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