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Case Breakin’ is the elite authority on all things sports cards. The show is hosted by entrepreneur Leo Ruberto and NBA player and Olympian Michael Redd.

Serif is faced with the question, how do we translate an old-school hobby for the modern investor and enthusiast?

Enlightening the Veteran Card Trader and Rookie

The show is focused on capturing the inertia of a financial and social hobby movement of sports cards. Part of the hype for sports cards comes from the rise in demand for Newstalgia and Gary V.

Creating the Brand

The Case Breakin’ brand was established with the understanding that the identity would be crucial to drawing in an audience. The show is game-changing, and Rubb and Redd are remarkably passionate about the art of sports card collecting. To reflect this enthusiasm, the identity is powerful and evokes movement and energy. The name, Case Breakin’, refers to the actual breaking of card cases with the recent rise in demand for desirable cards. The identity reflects this, almost literally, as the mark is breaking away from its core.

Design Thinking

A lot of care and consideration went into designing the Case Breakin’ brand identity. How do we stand out in the ever-growing world of sports? How do we engage a prospective audience on listening and viewing platforms? How do we match the energy of our hosts, Rubb and Redd?

“What a pleasure it is to work with Serif. The attention to detail and planning that goes into each project is incredible. We wouldn’t be able to grow our brand without the Serif team. Doug and Andy’s ability to pull the production together in the tight timelines we work within is best in class.”

Justin Hook

Ops and Show Runner

A Flexible Brand

Case Breakin’ is not just a podcast, it is a multifaceted show that is both visual and auditory. The audience can experience the show in many ways, so it is crucial for the brand to be flexible to accommodate all of the platforms it lives on.

Building the Set

Our team designed and built the original Case Breakin’ set right in our own studio. We took things into our own hands and created a matchless set, unique to the show. In later episodes, we were able to take the show on the road and set up in locations such as The Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH.

Sharing with the World

It’s one thing to have a world-class show, but it’s another thing to share it with the world. We crafted a website and built it from the bottom up to promote the show and provide a place for the audience to learn about Rubb and Redd’s passion for sports cards. As a result of our great hosts and elite production, there has been considerable interest drawn from network TV executives.

As a kid, I would host sports card shows out of my friend’s attic. I’d hang up posters around town and market it by word of mouth. I was hustling back when the card market was in the gutter. To be able to jump back into this world now that it’s booming and bring to life the Case Breakin’ vision has been a dream come true.

Doug Joseph

Serif Founder

The Crew


Leo Ruberto – Rubb

Michael Redd – Redd

Stephen Michel – The Guru

Justin Hook – Show Runner

Rob Thomas – Show Runner

D.C. Joseph – Director

Andy Stiebler – Producer

Matt Reese – Director of Photography

Liam Bruce – Editor

Reilly Sapp – Designer

Angela Michell-Joseph – Stylist & Set Design

Audrey Plant – Production Coordinator

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