Ashley’s Story

Genesis provides more than healthcare. It provides a support system, a knowledgeable physician, and a friendly face for those who walk through its doors in need of aid.

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Ashley's Story
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At Genesis, accomplished doctors and team members guide and support patients every step of the way. Through this patient testimonial, Genesis recognized the opportunity to share its world-class patient care and revolutionary treatments with the Ohio region it serves. 

Through the true-life story of a young patient, and now a cancer survivor, we were able to communicate how committed Genesis is to providing the highest form of care—from diagnosis to recovery.

“Ashley’s life was interrupted on all fronts—health, family, lifestyle. Everything. Serif took that insight and told her impactful story in an incredibly impactful way.”

Kelley Daspit, APR

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Genesis HealthCare System

A Meaningful Connection

From initial interviews with Ashley and concept creation to filming and post-production, all were completed by the same core team. In doing so, we stayed true to the story while achieving the client’s goals and building a meaningful relationship with Ashley and her family.

“Our crew spent time in Ashley’s home–with her children and her husband. We felt the weight the illness impressed on them and the love and determination required from her family as well as the team at Genesis to get through. That is what we needed to ensure the viewer experienced as well.”

Todd Novak

Executive Creative Director

The Balance of Storytelling

Finding such an emotional core in Ashley’s story made this piece incredibly powerful. It also posed a challenge in working with a family who had experienced so much love and heartache throughout this journey. Our team expertly found the balance of telling this impactful story of a young mother with cancer respectfully, while simultaneously incorporating the deeper and below-the-surface emotional moments.

When the subject matter is this personal, it is critical to find the right tone in the edit. Our in-house team worked closely together during the post-production process to refine the edit to quickly communicate Ashley’s journey, while still properly conveying the emotional toll it took on her and her family.

David Ball

Studio Manager

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