Serif Strategy Summit

Defining the path to move your business forward.

Building a greater strategic vision, while focusing on the daily demands of your business is a daunting balancing act. It requires intentional space to revitalize a brand or launch a new product.

The Serif Strategy Summit is a workshop focused on brand health and planning aimed at unlocking the next plateau of growth for your business.

We tailor our summit as an intensive dive into your brand’s ambitions to identify market changes and new opportunities for your business goals.

Before we ask your audience to be open to a new idea, we dig into understanding your business’s challenges and needs. We won’t be able to provide effective work if we assume we know those things.

Doug Joseph



Session One
  • A deep dive into the current state of your brand, covering your goals and obstacles your business faces.


Session Two
  • Distill and map the information gleaned from the intake session and we add our ideas and perspective.


Session Three
  • Provide you with a strategic marketing plan and holistic creative landscape with a prioritized timeline.

Reach out, get in touch. Let’s talk.

We are often asked to execute an idea that is not backed by a creative strategy. Our consultative approach helps provide the mind-space necessary to apply business intelligence to support creative ideation.

Andy Stiebler

President and Strategy Director

We look forward to the opportunity to help move your business forward. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us directly as well.


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