What do you do when you have an inspiring and successful business concept that can be hard to fully explain to people? This is the question many entrepreneurs and successful business people end up asking themselves. In the Fall of 2012, a small fashion start-up based in Brooklyn, NY contacted us with this very problem.  The Vanity Project works with non-profit organizations to create clothing people actually want to buy and wear.  The co-founders, Jason and Omri, were tired of seeing people walk around in generic “Varsity Sailing Team” t-shirts that had no actual relevance to the person who had purchased the shirt.  So, they created a business that gave fashion a purpose. Jason and Omri had an inspiring story to tell and a unique business model that truly was benefitting the world, but they were having a hard time communicating exactly what it was they do.  After listening to their needs and pain-points, we determined that a story-film and infographic could be beneficial for their marketing.


“It was a pleasure working with the group over at Serif Creative.  They listened to our [scattered] concepts and direction at length, and created a beautiful, effective piece of work that we’ve been able to use for over two years now.  Their editing was phenomenal, and they were quick to made any edits we requested.  The turnaround time was very impressive.  We also relied on Serif for musical direction; they provided several options for our team to choose from with a mind for matching the intention of the video to the mood of the music.  Their combination of raw talent, professionalism, and dedication to creating an end product that their client falls in love with distinguishes Serif from the rest.” —  Jason Sochol, Co-Founder

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“The video has been a total success from a branding, promotional, marketing, and communications perspective.  We were primarily focused on creating a video that would communicate what we do, but on top of that, Serif’s work effectively communicates our company’s culture and our personalities.  This has been a welcome, unexpected bonus.  In today’s world, it is critical to interact with clients, customers, supporters, and fans in a personal way, and our video creates that connection with our community.  Doing so requires very subtle and intangible talents, and it reflects Serif’s unique approach to content creation.” —  Jason Sochol, Co-Founder

We found that there was a truly inspiring story behind the founding of The Vanity Project. The more we learned about them, the easier it was to get on-board with what they were doing and buy into the project ourselves. We felt that creating a video would be a powerful tool that they could pull out on their website, social media, and social events. On Kickstarter, a good campaign video increases the chances of being funded by 60%. While they were not working on a Kickstarter, we believed that this same technique and success could be carried over to TVP and passed on to the organizations they worked with. Once we determined what the theme of the video would be and planned out the logistics, Serif took a road trip to Brooklyn to meet The Vanity Project crew, film their story, and do some photography work. After 2 days of walking around Brooklyn, 2 days of production in Ohio, and an edit complete with custom music made in-house, we came away with a story that captured the enthusiasm and authenticity of the TVP team and their story.

The Vanity Project Infographic

As we learned more about TVP and their business model, we realized that a story-film was not the only thing missing from their marketing tool-box.  Yes, the story is inspiring and helps explain what they do, but TVP frequently commented about the fact that people (organizations especially) always asked what exactly is going on behind the scenes at TVP.  To quickly communicate this information on their website and events they attended, we created an infographic that was able to describe the process of working with TVP at a glance. Organizations were able to see how they were able to benefit by working with TVP and consumers were able to see what exactly they were buying into when they were purchasing a shirt from TVP with the same infographic.


Being in New York and working with The Vanity Project was a truly unique and inspiring experience for us at Serif. Be sure to check out their current offering of shirts and causes; the quality can’t be beat and it always feels good to wear clothes that mean something to you.

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