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Welcome to the first Throwback Thursday post. We’re excited to show you a short story film we produced for the Ember Days. Four years ago, I went on a quick tour with The Ember Days traveling from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh, PA to Elmira, NY. My good buddy, Jed, is the bassist for the band and asked if I wanted to tag along. I figured it would be a good time and decided to bring my Canon 5DMII, an 85mm Carl Zeiss lens, a Zoom H4N, a lapel mic, and a small tripod to capture their story.

The Ember Days are personally one of my favorite bands. Their music is incredible and it takes you places when you listen to it. The band has greatly evolved since the film was produced. Much of the film, however, is still relevant today.  I shot the film over the duration of 2-3 days. Naturally, I was very limited while shooting the film because I was a one-man-crew. With that said, my limitations turned out to be an advantage. There were so many things I couldn’t do.  This forced me to really focus and, in turn, some grit and rawness unfolded. During the edit, Justin really tried to push the envelope on the color grade and sequencing. We created custom light leaks in the basement of the old studio in Zanesville using flashlights and candles pointed at the camera with no lens on it. We set some edit guidelines for ourselves to keep everything raw and embrace the footage as it was shot. This included the camera work, the ambient noise, the sound-bytes, and even the geographic location.

Lastly, if you have some down time and have an opportunity to help friends or family, do it. I wanted to say that to remind myself and hold myself accountable. Make it a point to take on a few pro-bono projects a year. It’s worth it to help out “the little guys,”  whether it’s a non-profit, a church, a band, an artist, a friend, or a start-up, etc…

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing some of our older work. There’s plenty more to come so stay tuned for the next edition of Throw Back Thursday; It will be a feature on the work we produced for a non-profit out of Brooklyn, NY who we partnered with back in 2012.



PS — I highly recommend visiting The Ember Days’ website and checking out their music on Spotify.

PPS — You can download the light leaks we produced for the film for free, here.

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