Spotlight | Anna-Grace Blackburn

We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest team member AG. Expect to see some amazing things from her in the near future. We’re excited to have her be a part of our crew and for you to get to know her.
Below is some Q&A with the one and only AG:
Q: Where are you from?
A: Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio
Q: What is your education background?
A: Undergrad at the Columbus College of Art and Design, studying Advertising and Graphic Design
Q: What your role at Serif?
A: Graphic Designer
Q: What makes you come alive?
A: Seeing my favorite bands live, cats, and a good cup of coffee.
Q: Why are you interested in Storytelling?
A: Being able to challenge or inspire the way people think or perceive is powerful. It is a tool that can be used to help or to harm. Serif is rooted in the idea of sharing the truth, and that’s the type of story I’m wanting to tell.
Q: 5 favorite movies?
A: Napoleon Dynamite, Step Brothers, Anchorman, Mean Girls, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Q:  Favorite Instagram accounts?
A: @brandonrike, @bmddesign, @yonil, @henriettaharris, @noeltheartist
Q: What’s the best advice ever given to you?
A: I’ve always liked this quote about humility and it’s been sticking with me for awhile now: “Humility isn’t about thinking less of yourself, it’s about thinking of yourself less.”
Q:  Favorite coffee shop in Columbus?
A: Mission Coffee
Q: Why did you decide to join Serif?
A: Serif is a company that focuses on truth and builds their foundation upon that. I really value that. Also the people, environment, and atmosphere is great. You couldn’t really ask for anything more.
Q: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
A: I haven’t really had any bad jobs. I’ve never been someone that can fake how I feel, if I don’t like what I’m doing, it’ll show. I’ve been lucky to have my jobs align with my interests and passions (especially now with being at Serif!).
Q:  Coffee, water, or tea?
A: People drink things other than coffee?
Q:  What’s one weird fact people need to know about you?
A: There are too many to count. But a fun fact is I love playing chess and have been playing since elementary school. I’m also obsessed with cats, I almost love them more than people… almost.
Best of luck to you, AG. Thanks for joining the fam!
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