Soapbox Soaps

The answer to why kids like getting dirty.


Soapbox Soaps had a question they asked themselves frequently: How do you compete with some of the largest corporations in the world in a category dominated by massive amounts of money spent on ads for products that are generally not very unique?

Answer: create a unique product, do some good in the world, hire Serif, and find the absolute cutest kid you can possibly find to sell your brand.

Despite this video being shot in 20mph winds on a 30 degree day, Jameson and his little sister, Stella, absolutely killed it on the cute factor. He made the shoot a breeze (pun intended) by quickly understanding the style we were going for and delivering his lines with the skill of a veteran actor.

Our favorite part of the project? The blooper reel (seen below).

The icing on the cake? Having this video nominated for an Ohio Valley Regional Emmy!


Campaign Scope:

  • Talent
  • Pre-production
  • Film
  • Post-production


“The Serif team creates beautiful things. Our team chose them out of many agencies because of their skill, passion, and ability to see a client’s vision and bring it to life. While working with D.C. and their team, we were given excellent service, creative brainstorming sessions, and the patience not often seen from creative agencies. With the final product, we gained tons of new traction and customers through the video Serif made for us, and I would recommend their creative services to any business that wants grow their company. Their team is truly amazing!” Dave Simnick, Founder

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