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Northside Pharmacy, a pharmacy based in Zanesville, OH,  commissioned us to come up a concept for a commercial campaign. Everyday, Northside has to step into the ring and compete with big box chain pharmacies. We wanted to showcase how they can stand toe-to-toe with them.  One physical difference we noticed between the stores was that there is a literal wall between the customers and pharmacists at the big box stores. Northside is the complete opposite. We decided to highlight that concept and create a concept where we showed the strengths of Northside side-by-side against the big box store via split-screen commercials. After we nailed down the concept, we boarded the commercial out. Our creative partner Mike Barker was commissioned to produce the the storyboards.


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.05.19 PM


The production of the commercial became quite a challenge for a couple of reasons:

1. Finding a location where we could film scenes of a big box pharmacy turned out be quite a challenge. Obviously we couldn’t legally film in their competitors pharmacy. We were able to find a location that used to be a medical facility and even had a glass wall. Due to the fact that it was scheduled to be demolished, the building was completely vacant. Luckily, we chose the coldest day of the year to film in a location without heat.


2. Composing our shots proved to be quite a challenge too. As we were filming, we had to keep it in mind we only had half of the frame to work with. There are two scenes playing back simultaneously, so naturally the audio is going to compete. We decided to embrace this conflict because these commercials are going to be seen over and over on broadcast. When a viewer has a chance to view the commercial frequently, say several times during one news broadcast, it causes them to stay engaged as they try to watch one side and then the other, finally seeing the big picture.

NS Pharm (11 of 11) NS Pharm (8 of 11) NS Pharm (3 of 11)

All that to say, this was one of the more fun projects that we have produced. I’m very proud of our entire team for the project and for braving the cold. A special thanks goes out to Lori and Rod at Northside for entrusting and giving us creative control to do something out of the box to compete with the big box chains.

Northside Pharmacies Relationships 30 second broadcast spot:


Northside Pharmacies Convenience 30 second broadcast spot:


Cheers to the local underdog!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


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