Showcase: Mid-City Electric/Technologies

We recently wrapped overhauling Mid-City Electric/Technologies web presence and rather than writing about it ourselves, we thought it would be interesting to ask them to write about their experience working with us. Below is their unedited response written by their Marketing Director, Sarah Logar.

Mid-City Electric/Technologies is a commercial electrical and teledata construction companybased in Franklinton, and we have been serving Central Ohio since 1960. Owned and operated by the Dew Family, Mid-City provides a huge variety of services—ranging from work at the largest and most robust hospital systems in Central Ohio, to installations for complex retail data centers, to small, local office maintenance and repairs. Our electricians and technicians can do it all, and I am so proud to work for such a hardworking and talented company with truly amazing people. So needless to say, when it was time to design a new website for Mid-City, I was so excited to be a part of that process. 

My Experience with Serif
The process Serif had in place really aligned with my needs. After selecting them for our new website design and logo refresh, we had a kick-off meeting to detail the specifics of the project. To start, they

1. Established Website Goals –  We detailed what we wanted to accomplish through the new website, and how the site would function to serve those purposes. 
2. Defined the Team – Justin was our Project Manager/Lightning Fast Question Answerer and Problem Solver, Jed was our Web Developer/Code Magician, and Doug was our Creative Director/Manager of Overall Coolness
3. Explained Logistics/Housekeeping Items – Justin explained where to send files, how to communicate with onanother, anticipated timeline, and all of the “stuff” you need to think about beforehand to make the transferring of images, ideas, and copy easier and efficient. 

Truth be told, before we had this kick-off meeting, Justin and Doug already had a very good, holistic sense of what we wanted, and how they could achieve it. We had at least three meetingsdiscussing ideas, goals, and concerns prior to officially deciding to select them for the work. Their thoroughness upfront and genuine desire to bring a website to life that represented the amazing company that Mid-City is really got me excited about this projectand about working with them

After our first official meeting, we were off and running. We used a file-sharing site, Basecamp, which I found extremely user-friendly. I brain-dumped much of our marketing collateral to give Justin some background—everything from factsheets, to photographs, to content plans. 

Once we reached the mid-point of the project, Justin uploaded the initial design of all of our pages to this site, where I could review and give feedback. This review was a line-in-the-sand sort of moment, as it was important to approve the overall look and feel of the site so we could move on from site-structure to finalizing specifics. 

After that point, Justin and I worked back and forth on the details—copy, images, links, ect. Justin got that writing was something I wanted a lot of control over, so I worked to develop much of the copy, and he acted as my sounding board. He was incredibly helpful in that way, and helped me make a large amount of content—specifically a very large list of services—more reader-friendly.

In February of this year, our site launched, and I could not have been more thrilled with how it turned out. We regularly receive positive feedback and compliments othe clean and updated design. 

Advice for Future Clients
1. Have fun with it. They love what they do, and care about doing what is best for you. 
2. Be ready to define your goals. Your goals will dictate the direction your project takes. 
3. Bring your ideas. Have a list of what sites you love, which you don’t love so much, and why. Nail down specifics about sites that get you excited, or that frustrate you (certain kinds of buttons, how menus are structured, dark vs. light backgrounds. That was something Justin askedme to do early on, and I found it very helpful.) 
4Be flexible and open. I told them from our first meeting that we are hiring them because they have something I don’t do as a marketing specialist. Let their expertise and experience take you somewhere amazing!

Final Thoughts
Aside from the high-quality work that the Serif Team did, I really felt like I was a part of the process in a collaborative way. Justin, Jed, and Doug answered my questions and gave me useful and honest feedback on my own ideas for the site. And they made sure everything we were doing supported those goals that we defined at our first kick-off meeting.

Not only do we have a fresh, updated, responsive site, but I feel like as a marketing professional, I now have an excellent resource in the Serif Team. I email Justin and Doug routinely to pick their brains about projects I am working on, and they always provide me helpful feedback with a fresh perspective. (Not only that, but they don’t bill me for asking random questions—they truly just want to help.)

On a personal level, I have made some good friends in these guys—they are just a genuine, caring group of people. I feel very lucky to have worked with them, and to know them. I want to extend a big thanks to the Serif Team for all of their hard work and dedication to this project! 

Notes from Serif:

Sarah was an absolute blast to work with. We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to work on this project together and continue working together.  Finally, below is a quick before and after of Mid City’s home page. Check out the entire new page at


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.38.39 AM


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.34.18 AM

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