Showcase: Death to the Stock Rebranding Documentary

Earlier this Spring, our good friends over at Death to the Stock Photo contacted us with an ambitious idea. They were planning on having Brandon Rike design an entirely new logo for them in only one afternoon and they wanted us to capture the process. What made this so ambitious and exciting was that, no matter what Rike ended up creating, they were going to use it. It was a experiment on the concepts of constraint and being able to own your brand.

Of course, the idea excited us and being able to work with Rike is always an immense pleasure. We set out to Rike’s home studio and filmed this entire short film while he was designing the logo.

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In the end, everyone, including those with the Serif team and those with the DTS team were blown away by what can be created in just a couple of hours. It was a fun experiment that ended up being a huge success.




All photos by Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo Rebranding Announcement 

Death to the Stock on Facebook

Death to the Stock on Twitter – @deathtostock

Brandon Rike on Twitter – @brandonrike


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