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A tagline we frequently say when asked to describe Serif in one sentence is,  “We tell stories for cool companies that make people feel something.” Telling a story can come in many different forms: promotional videos, broadcast commercials, package design, print design, branding, web, logos, etc… The list goes on and on.  Serif recently had the privilege of telling the story of a local organization that we truly feel is making a difference in this community, The Columbus Free Clinic.

In late Fall of 2014, a close friend of ours contacted us about doing work for an organization he volunteered for.  He wanted to give CFC a fresh, new look as well as a modern and easy to understand web presence.  The project provided us some unique challenges that we wanted to take head-on and overcome.

Challenge #1: Breaking free from cliche, overused, and forgettable medical branding.


The state of medical branding is a sad one.  Google “hospital logo” or “medical logo” and you’ll notice a lot of common trends.  Crosses, blue, shields, boring corporate fonts, and abstract waves abound. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes (and often) cliche imagery works. These elements became common place for a reason. However, The Columbus Free Clinic is a very unique medical resource to the community and deserves a unique brand to match.

A band-aid is used to symbolize the transfer-of-care between a doctor and a patient.  It is that transfer that brings the patient and the doctor together.  Orange is used rather than a standard blue for two different reasons.  The first is to create a look that stands out when placed beside other clinic’s logos and the second is to create a sense of enthusiasm, encouragement, determination, and happiness; all concepts that CFC wants to provide to the community along with their medical care.

Challenge #2: Creating an easy to understand web experience that also quickly communicates a lot of information. – 


Everyone knows the web suffers from information overload. Google has indexed over 200 terabytes of information.  Those 200 terabytes are estimated to only be .004% of the web.*  Point-Zero-Zero-Four-Percent.  What? For our purposes, however, we were concerned about relaying a lot of information  such as services offered, hours, organization philosophy, location, etc. in an easy to digest way without overwhelming a user. Keeping the target demographic in mind, we laid out the information step by step for information seekers.  We literally asked the questions that a potential client of the clinic would have and then answered them for them.  Our goal was to create a website that could explain the necessary information to a new, first time client while also being quick and easy to navigate for an experienced client just looking to register for a visit.  CFC displayed various designs (including their old design) to their clients and we were able to take that valuable feedback and create something that everyone was able to walk away from being satisfied.

Every project we work on has its unique obstacles and challenges.  And, even if the challenges are the same from project to project, the solutions could be vastly different for each based on demographics, goals, and other unique aspects that vary from client to client.  Before really diving into creating anything for any project we work on, we always ask ourselves a couple questions: “Who are we talking to? What are we trying to accomplish? And what is that best way to accomplish it?” The Columbus Free Clinic is a distinct and beneficial asset to this community and we are proud to have had the privilege of working with them.


*A great infographic about the size of the web can be found here.

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