Showcase: Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op

Last Summer, I was introduced to Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op through Columbus Underground. They announced they would be opening their coffee shop in Franklinton. That immediately perked my interest for the following reasons:

  • The founders seemed like great people.
  • I have always wanted to build a brand for a coffee shop. (A coffee shop and craft brewery were on my list of companies to work for and now are checked off. Next up: A Whiskey/Spirits brand, a BBQ joint, and a pickle company. Why a pickle company? I think it would be cool and their so many bad pickle brands out there. Next time you’re in a grocery store, look at the logos on pickle jars.)
  • I love Franklinton.

I decided to reach out to the founders of Bottoms Up and we scheduled a time to meet up at a Franklinton staple, Strongwater; one of my favorite bar and restaurants. After meeting with founders Virgina and Victoria, I absolutely was on board with their vision. Victoria and Virgina are sisters from Venezuela and are two of my favorite people. They are complete go-getters and their energy is infectious. I think it would be impossible for anyone to not like them.

After a series of conversations and learning about each other, Victoria and Virgina chose Serif to be their creative partner to build the identity for Bottoms Up.  We decided to build on our strong chemistry by doing a brand workshop together. In that brand workshop, we wanted to get to the bottom of Bottoms Up’s DNA.

We then sought out to create a logo that matched the vision and mission of Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op. We assigned our good friend and creative partner, Brandon Rike, to produce the identity. He ended up creating dozens and dozens of mock-ups. After we got through a couple of rounds of mockups, none were clicking. Bottoms Up is no ordinary coffee shop. We wanted the logo to start a conversation so that Bottoms Up could then have an opportunity to share what it is all about. Below are some of those mock-ups:



Most of the above logos would work for an ordinary coffee shop but these weren’t communicating who they are.  Now, I present the final identity for Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op. 🙂

BU-_07 Mug Main Solid

Why is it upside down?  Bottoms Up is in the oldest neighborhood in Columbus and is the original settlement of Central Ohio. Bottoms Up wants to return Franklinton (nicknamed The Bottoms) to its former glory. But why Franklinton? Because Central Ohio has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the country and Franklinton is a hotbed for it. Bottoms Up exists to end infant mortality in central Ohio through a grass-roots effort within the neighborhood; all while serving great coffee. The co-working members are asked to volunteer a portion of their time and skills to neighborhood, i.e. art lessons, resume review, accounting advice, etc. Through these small changes and efforts,  infant mortality will someday cease to exist in Franklinton. Lastly, it’s upside-down to represent the fact that in life, things are always upside down or right side up, kind of like the yin and the yang. But together, we can take what’s upside down and make it right side up.

You can keep up to date with Bottoms Up and the launch of the shop at their website. I can’t wait to drink some coffee there and support their cause.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this project and for V and V for entrusting us build the identity for their baby to save babies.

Lastly, here’s what Victoria had to say about us:

“Working with the Serif team on our  branding during the inception of Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op has been a seamless process. The amount of talent, dedication, expertise  and insight the team possesses is parallel to none. I would highly recommend Doug, Justin and the entire Serif team for all your branding, website design and videography needs. When you engage Serif, you gain more than just an agency- you gain a working relationship and personal connection you want to keep for life.”

Victoria Calderon, Co-Founder of Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op




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