Serif and Emblem Athletic Donate PPE to Healthcare Workers

With a critical shortage of PPE for frontline healthcare staff, we teamed up with our client to bring protection to the people who need it most.

As the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic fills the news, Serif Creative turns our thoughts to friends and clients at Genesis HealthCare System.

Over the years, Serif has developed a partnership with Genesis HealthCare that fosters collaboration across multiple departments, producing impactful content that spotlights the specialized services, departments, and treatments offered by Genesis. We’ve witnessed and helped tell many stories of Genesis and its role as a support system and community builder to the people it serves.

With the healthcare industry in need, our team was eager to do what it could to support Genesis.

“We’re all aware of the limited supply of masks for nurses and doctors in hospitals and people having to wear bandanas into work as masks. We were searching for any small opportunity to pitch in, starting in our local community,” said Serif founder Doug Joseph, who grew up in Muskingum County, where Genesis Healthcare is located. 

We found an opportunity to team up with one of our clients, Emblem Athletic, whose founder Mike Nemeth was purchasing PPE in an effort to give back. Together, Emblem and Serif invested in masks, enabling Serif to donate more than 300 KN95 masks and three-ply surgical masks to Genesis HealthCare System staff—just one example of collaboration in the name of the Columbus Way that we’ve heard about in the midst of crisis.


More than 300 KN95 and three-play masks are on their way to the Genesis HealthCare System healthcare professionals.


When the supply of PPE arrived, our teams divided the masks into separate packages, attached personal handwritten notes, and delivered them to the Genesis Foundation for distribution to hospital staff. 

With the limited remaining supply of KN95 and three-ply surgical masks, Serif is leveraging its social networks to get the PPE into the hands of people who need them most, donating the remaining mask supply to frontline healthcare workers who are connected to Serif through our social community.

“It’s a period of intense need for our community, and it’s amazing to see how people and companies are stepping up. We are in awe of the manufacturers adapting to produce ventilators or the distilleries who have gone from vodka to hand sanitizer production,” said Joseph. “There are so many ways people are doing good right now, and this is the small way we can help make an impact.” 


After teaming up with our client Emblem Athletic, Serif founder Doug Joseph holding PPE before distributing hundreds to healthcare workers.


Serif plans to continue seeking out opportunities to give back and make an impact during the pandemic.

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