The last two months have been a busy chapter in the story of Serif. Even through all the busyness there has come inspiration and new ideas. Quick recap: We had film shoots in the following cities over the last month: Richmond, Chicago, Columbus, and San Fransisco and, on top of that, I got married on September 7th to my now beautiful-wife, Angela. It was definitely the best day of my life. 🙂

That being said, let’s get you some inspiration…

Lord Huron — Strange Trails

Two weeks ago, I caught a live show of Lord Huron at the Newport Music Hall. I had only heard a handful of their songs prior to seeing them live. Their performance was incredible and was an immersive experience. I left wanting to explore Lord Huron deeper. Their new album, Strange Trails, is a substantial album that has a washed out, grainy, experiential sound. What I like most about the album is that I think it pushes the envelope, but doesn’t push it too far to the point where it’s inaccessible. I would compare them to Picasso in terms of accessibility. He produced art that pushed the envelope that is appreciated by so many people today. On the flip side, it would be very easy for Lord Huron to not be accessible. They could’ve been like the Dada art movement from the 20’s and 30’s. I specifically put this album on the inspiration list because things that push the envelope, but are still accessible, are what inspire me the most. All that to say, it’s an amazing album and totally worth checking out. *Warning – I will say the show is very dark at times and can be graphic.

Apple — The Song

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This is a holiday ad produced by Apple in 2014. I was searching for inspiration for a project recently and this came to mind. The spot is one of my favorite commercials. The cinematography, music, acting, and story are all on point. I’m a huge fan of long format broadcast spots and I think Apple made the right choice by making the spot 90 seconds. I’m eager to see if Apple will continue to produce more spots like this.

Tulum, Mexico

My wife and I spent our honey moon in Tulum Mexico. I returned home refreshed, energized, and soaked in inspiration. If I had to describe Tulum in one word, it would be “boho” and I mean that in a good way. While there, we swam in cenotes and underwater caves, and explored the Mayan ruins. All that was very inspiring, but I think the most inspiring aspect of Tulum was not the landscape and history but more so its people. The people were so accommodating, serving, and engaging with every interaction. Everyone we encountered was eager to converse and asked me how I liked their country. I enjoyed how much pride they took in Mexico. If you’re looking for an adventure or some R&R, I give Tulum 5 out of 5 stars.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot came out of nowhere. I’m in complete disbelief that USA Network produced the show. Let’s start with comparisons. This show looks and feels like it was directed by David Fincher, has a tinge of True Detective Season 1’s theme woven into it (I recently found out that the producer of TD season 1 produced Mr. Robot), and is written like a Chuck Palinuck novel. Finally, there’s a show that actually executes a hacking plot-line in a non-lame way. The show makes the audience aware of this in one scene when it has some of its characters point out how unrealistic 90’s hacking movies are. Most movies and shows make it too complex to follow which creates a disconnect. However, Mr. Robot pulls this off in a tasteful, cool way. Mr. Robot’s characters are set in Brooklyn and Coney Island. There are no A-list actors in the show and it is composed of no-name actors other than Christian Slater. The acting, cinematography, plot, script, and everything is so on point. One thing I noticed that the show does really well is the language of the cinematography. Elliot’s (Rami Malek) character suffers from anxiety and host of other mental illnesses. The cinematography in the show feels anxious, which is totally intentional by DPs Todd Campbell and Tim Ives. I could go on and on about the show. I’m a pretty big TV junky and Mr. Robot definitely falls in my top 5, maybe top 3. Go watch the show. You won’t regret it.


That’s it for now. Until next time… Stay creative and go make things happen


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