Inspiration 03 | D.C. Joseph

Hey guys.

Since I was young, I’ve always found myself pulled toward surrealism. While in high school, I dated a girl whose father was a museum curator. We would stay up late and have long talks about art. He would open up old art books and would teach me about various art movements: German Impressionism, Dadaism, etc… Through those conversations, I developed a deeper love and appreciation for surrealism. Below are some surreal pieces that I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from as of late.


I can’t get enough of this music video. It’s produced by BRTHR, Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman. In my opinion these guys are killing it right now. You can check out more of their work here.

[stag_video src=”″]

2. Made In Heights

A friend last week introduced me to Made In Heights. We’ve been working listening to their self-titled album in the office on repeat. I’ve heard people compare them to The Purity Ring, which I kind of agree with. You can check out their music here.

3. Rob Gonsalves

I’m not really sure how I discovered Rob Conclaves. I think it was through social media. I can’t believe I’m just now seeing his work. If you enjoy  Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, or René Magritte (more on him later), I think you will appreciate Gonsalves’ work. One of my favorite pieces can be seen below. You can experience more of his work here.


4. René Magritte

René Magritte was a Belgian artist born in 1898 and is my favorite surrealist artist. I think the reason I enjoy his work so much is because of he subtly works in surreal elements. I had a chance to see an exhibit of his at the Museum Of Modern Art two years ago and it really was a breathtaking experience for me. Two fun facts about Rene Magritte:

1. He created the titles of his works at random and regularly let his friends title the paintings he created.

2. When he lost his contract at the Galerie le Centaure, he and his brother started an ad agency.

If you aren’t familiar with Magritte, I highly recommend diving into his life’s work.

The Empire of Light, II

5. Sigur Ros: Heima Trailer

I’ve lost track how many times I have watched this trailer for inspiration. There’s just something magical about it. I think it’s due to the pacing, visuals, and music all being tied together in a certain way. The documentary Heima is so good. If you ever have a chance to go Iceland, don’t hesitate, just go. I had the privledge of visiting Iceland a few years ago and it was a life changing experience.

[stag_video src=””]

I think that does it for now guys. I hope you are inspired as much as I am. If you have any surreal creative pieces you can recommend, please send it my to or comment below. I would love to see it. xxxx.



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