As a filmmaker and a creative, I feel like i’m constantly searching for cool things that give me motivation. One of the greatest sources of inspiration for me lately has been short films. Their brevity leads to a sort of cleanliness in the storytelling that can be missed or cluttered in longer works. I’ve compiled a few of my recent favorites and why I’ve found them inspiring.

1. Real Gone Short Film

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This short was directed by Seth Worley and filmed by Chris Adams for Film Riot’s “Epic Summer”. The story brilliantly takes something very serious and painful, and throws a little humor in it. Although the cinematography is beautiful, the real star of the film is the sound design. With minimal dialogue, much of the story is told through sound. This short proves once again that in almost every case, sound is more important than visuals.

2. Kosmonauta Short Film

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This is another short that combines killer cinematography with powerful sound. What I love about this film is that its creators, Mirjam Veske and Nils Eilif Bremdal, found a single piece (a Soviet radio transmission recording) and crafted an entire short film around it. The film is also about a historical mystery shrouded in the secrets of the old Soviet Union as they raced the United States for space dominance. It’s got everything I could ever ask for.

3. Bad Blood Music Video by Taylor Swift

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This film takes a turn from the first two, in that it’s a music video from the country-singer-turned-pop-star Taylor Swift. Directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed the Blank Space music video, Bad Blood is four minutes of utter ridiculousness packed with a star-studded cast of women who want nothing more than to wreak destruction on each other. Oh, and there’s Kendrick Lamar too. Why I find this video so inspiring is that music videos are often given limited budgets, short deadlines, and small crews. The cinematic glorious-ness that Kahn was able to create even with these barriers is awe-inspiring. There’s a reason it is has more views on YouTube than the population of the United States.

4. Unconditional Rebel Music Video

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I love it when I see something that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, whether that be in story, or in style. Unconditional Rebel is another music video, directed by Guillaume Panariello and shot by Thomas Rames, that has done something that I truly believe to be a milestone in the film industry. The whole three and a half-minute video was shot in only 5 seconds. Seriously. It’s the magic of high-speed cameras. Anyway, the amount of planning and pre-production that had to go into proper execution of the whole thing is astounding. Give those people an award.


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