1. Rockmill Brewery

Last weekend my girlfriend, our friend Katherine, and I ventured out to the Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster, Ohio. The Brewery is located after a scenic 20 mile drive east of Columbus. For a year I had been hearing my friends talk about how cool this brewery is; so, we finally decided to make the trip out and the experience was nothing short of fantastic. Rockmill has a bring-your-own-food policy that we took full advantage of; we picked up some Katzinger’s ruben sandwiches and Mast Brothers Chocolate (more to come on this later) to have for lunch and pair with some of their brews. Rockmill is a destination. Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing and has a cozy vibe all around. The staff are down to earth and treat you like they’ve known you for years. The beer they brew is delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it. If you’re looking for a quick day trip to get away from Columbus, I can’t recommend Rockmill enough. PS – You can check more photos from the day on Instagram by searching #rockmilladventure.

2. A Music Video by Blood Orange

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This is one of my favorite music videos at the moment. There’s just something about it I’ve always been drawn to. I think it’s because of how unobtrusive and organic it feels; it doesn’t try to be anything. I’ve been on huge Blood Orange kick here lately, I’m contantly listening to their music. They are definitely worth checking out.

3. Live performance by Coco Rosis

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I watched this video a few years ago and I find myself coming back to it quite often. At the 2:08 mark some real magic happens.

4. Mast Brothers Chocolate

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Personally, this is one of my favorite story films. We’ll often use it as a benchmark project for the films we produce. After viewing the film two years ago, it made an emotional connection that still sticks with me to this day. Every time I eat one of their products, I envision their shop, their attention to detail, and I recall their story. The brothers have a cool factor from just being themselves and doing their thing. All of this makes for a great brand experience… If I’m deciding between a Mast Brothers Chocolate bar at $8, or a generic chocolate bar at $1, I’m choosing the Mast Brothers every time because of the strong emotional connection they have made with me. They have created a “shortcut” for my buying decision, and when I recall their story, and I know who I’m supporting.

Mast Bros Chocolate

I hope you guys are able to get some inspiration from what’s been inspiring me. I’d love to hear what has been inspiring you, especially any movies that you love. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really good movie, so comment below on some recommendations. Have a good weekend, friends.

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