Behind the Scenes with Feazel

A collaboration with a leading home exterior brand to maximize creative deliverables for its many regions.

To kick-off its 2020 broadcast and digital campaign, we partnered with Feazel on a weeklong production to create hundreds of visual assets. The initiative spanned from broadcast and digital videos to headshots and sales training videos. Starting with brand strategy, we devised an approach that enabled the creative to serve the many facets of their business needs.

An important insight we discovered from Feazel marketing director Rob Thomas is that many people have a genuine curiosity about the elements in a roofing system. Our strategy sessions leaned into this insight to uncover that many customers are unaware of the effort and detail that go into a quality roof, and are often hesitant to ask. Together, we decided that by positioning Feazel as a brand that leads with understanding and education, the campaign creative should seek to help empower homeowners to make informed purchasing choices.


To help empower customers to make knowledgable purchasing decisions, we developed campaign creative to show how the smallest details can help customers protect their biggest investment, their home—all while expressing Feazel’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Broadcast and digital videos aim to educate consumers on the smallest details of a quality roofing system.

While the home exterior industry is notorious some businesses and contractors that leave homes in a state of subpar or unfinished work, Feazel is able to offer a lifetime warranty because of its quality materials. By using purpose-built materials, such as custom starter shingles and ring shank nails, Feazel puts care into the details to build a holistic roofing system that comes with the best warranty in the industry.

To tell the story of the purpose-built materials Feazel uses, our creative leverages a mix of lifestyle footage of roofs in different weather conditions, as well as a staged tabletop environment that features discrete roofing elements painted in the Feazel brand blue, showcasing how Feazel brings its elevated brand experience to the smallest details of the roof.

By introducing hand gestures interacting with the tabletop environment, such as carefully setting a nail in place, we introduced a human element to what is often perceived as impersonal construction materials. Through this blend of production styles, our campaign creates an opportunity for Feazel to educate its community. The final result is a broadcast and digital video campaign building trust in Feazel’s approach to shingles, nails, flashing, valleys, ventilation, and more.


Roofing elements shown in Feazel’s blue are meant to illustrate the elevated brand experience Feazel brings to even the smallest details.


As we produced six core broadcast concepts that educate consumers on the details of the industry in one studio, we set up a separate studio to capture sales and training videos with the Feazel leadership team.


In the interviews, our goal was to capture the Feazel brand in a human way. To bring the personality and values behind the brand centerstage, we kept the production approach simple with a traditional two-camera setup. This allowed the interviews to unfold naturally, leading to a conversation rather than a scripted performance. This helped the Feazel team be comfortable so that their real personalities could shine through.

A behind the scenes look at the studio, where we set up separate spaces for varying creative initiatives.


The resulting interviews reflect this authenticity, creating soundbites that express Feazel’s point of view on everything from customer service and HR to recruiting and company culture Across the differing perspectives of the interviewees, the topics that the team spoke to pivoted around the same core values, which points to the cultural cohesiveness that the Feazel leadership team has cultivated.

We also saw this studio time as an opportunity to shoot new headshots while filming the interviews, optimizing our studio time and accommodating the Feazel team’s busy schedules.


Through two studio bays, our weeklong collaboration will result in more than 300 creative deliverables including broadcast and digital campaign video and graphics, sales and training videos, and photography.


Alongside the final deliverables, we’ll batch all of the footage from both studios so the Feazel marketing team can pull relevant content for use in future design and marketing projects. For example, if Feazel is recruiting a new salesman, the team can find a soundbite from Feazel CEO Ross Appledorn sharing a great sales story or Feazel president and owner Leo Ruberto speaking to company culture.

By producing multiple initiatives simultaneously, our teams were able to optimize our time, finding efficiencies in planning and production to increase the volume of creative assets.

Stay tuned for more as this campaign is rolled out on broadcast, web, and social.

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