Get an Inside View of Serif in “Behind The Creative”

Whenever we have a production, we always try to share the behind the scenes (BTS) to give everyone a look into the process of making a film. We realized, though, that this leaves out the hard work of our designers and the pre-production work we do. To remedy this we’re starting a new series, “Behind The Creative,” to give you an inside look at the overlooked parts of how we do what we do.

The first episode is about Reilly, a designer at Serif, and how she created the brand identity for CaseBreakin’ with Rubb & Redd, a multi-episode show Serif produced from start to finish.



The second video features Doug Joseph, Serif’s Founder and CEO, and how the CaseBreakin’ show was concepted and brought to life.



Once you finish watching the videos, check out the case study about CaseBreakin’ with Rubb & Redd for more creative goodness.

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