Kinneth Mitchell Hardy in Serif Film - I Think We Need a Lot of Things

A Chat with Kinneth Mitchell Hardy

Five years ago, we conducted an interview with Kinneth Mitchell Hardy, a local truck driver.  There is an infinite world inside each human being, and this film was our attempt to capture at least part of one.

We recently reconnected with Kinneth to see how that story has changed over the past few years. Kinneth refused to a do a video again due to the attention received from the previous video but agreed to answer a few questions via email.

Check out the video for a refresh and read the short Q&A session with Kinneth afterword. [stag_video src=”″]

You talked about your recent divorce in the interview five years ago, how are you dealing with that now? Have you met anyone new?

Met anyone new, ha. Only if you count doctors, surgeons, and insurance reps. Outside of that I haven’t had time to meet anyone new, unlike my ex-wife. But no, she’s fine. She moved out of state about a month after you guys had me on film, I don’t blame her cus some people aren’t ready to hear the truth. For me, it was something I knew, firsthand. I had seen them, I was there and everything, every single thing was exposed by their light, every flaw and each perfection in our soul, so what else was I supposed to talk about? A lot of people thought I’d lost it, she wasn’t the only one. She put her time in, and once they wheeled me out of intensive care she took that as her cue to get the heck outta dodge.

How is your daughter doing? Do you get to see her a lot? What sorts of things do you do together?

She’s good. I get to see her every now and then when I get lucky enough to find a route to Wyoming. Beautiful country up there, fresh air and mountains and all that. What I hate is how rarely I do get that route, and what I hate more is that I can’t pick her up once I get there on account of what happened. I told her about what I saw, where they took me, but soon as I turn away her mother tells her I’m nuts and that it was a hallucination and not to listen unless she wants to end up nuts too. She doesn’t know all the details about the wreck, but I thought that maybe that was one positive thing to come of it, seeing the visitors. Everything else was so ghastly. (I heard that word on the radio the other day and I think it might be the first thing that really fits what happened.)

Are you still trucking?

Hey man, trucker for life. What’s funny is how a lot of the other guys say that and it means something else. To them it’s… kind of a simple sentence. For me it has a lot more weight to it. Weighs as the whole highway if you cut it into blocks and stacked it all on one intersection. And I suppose that’s how the exits get buried ‘neath the mileage.

Did you ever get your GED?

Boy, that’s a real blast from the past. No, no I have not. Truth told, I stopped thinking about it after that Honda came across the median. Looked like a stone skipping across water, like it just wasn’t allowed to sink.

Do you still listen to audiobooks? If so, what are you listening to now?

David Icke, almost all I listen to anymore. His scientific theories seem to make the most sense to me. He says things about how when cats are reacting to stuff we can’t see, they’re seeing beings outside of the range we can detect. I like that. I keep a little kitten in the cab with me sometimes.

How has your worldview changed over the past 5 years?

“How hasn’t it?” should be the question. I saw something few other people have seen. And my truck took the life of a man. A good father. College educated. Architect. I couldn’t live with myself after I had seen what I saw. Not the blood or his twisted up face, and it wasn’t the way the tires got hit so hard they practically ripped themselves to shreds. The medics said I was unconscious when they found me a few feet off the road. That’s when I saw the others. They said I’d be done, and to get people ready. Well talking to strangers while driving from coast to coast can’t hurt, I figured.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Kinneth left this question unanswered.


Kinneth Hardy

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