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What is it?

Feel is about helping you and your business build a deeper connection with your target audience through a narrative. This connection may not be established yet if you’re new; maybe it’s in need of a refresh to recapture attention; or maybe you just have a kick-a** story that needs telling. Our strategists and creatives will work with you to build a story film to capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Stories can:

  • Tap into your audience’s emotional responses when you share a story that reflects your company’s mission.
  • Prompt your customers to take action in support of that mission.
  • Directly access the decision-making impulses of your customers.
  • Give context to the facts, figures, benefits and features you share with customers.
  • Bypass a consumer’s defenses against advertising appeals.

Feel Services Include

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Post Production
  • Animation
  • Creative Direction & Strategy

Let’s dive into the Feel studio model with our Producer and Project Manager, Steph Snyder.

We’ve worked with a variety of industries to help their businesses come to life through the art of a short or long-form story film.

Are you ready for Creative Greatness?

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This is how we do it.

Check out how we helped share creative artist stories on screen, educate the world in the health industry, and capture a life-saving moment through memories.

Nationwide Insurance

Case Study

A collaboration with the Nationwide iNHouse media team, gave us the opportunity to craft an emotional story with cinematic beauty.

Nationwide Insurance

Ashley’s Story

Genesis provides more than healthcare. It provides a support system, a knowledgeable physician, and a friendly face for those who walk through its doors in need of aid.

Ashley’s Story