The Craft Collection

A celebration of creative manifestation.

We’re inspired by those who are mastering their craft.

At Serif, we have a great appreciation for the commitment required to turn creative vision into tangible works. Our goal is to put the spotlight on those who are committed to doing so.

The Films

The Craft of Poetry


Larry Robertson, Poet


For Larry Robertson, poetry can be found everywhere. But translating it onto a page takes talent and effort. This film explores the relationship between reflection and intensity in Larry’s work.


Director: D.C. Joseph
Cinematographer: Josh Emerick
Editor: Josh Emerick
Music: Alexander Dreamer
Score: Remain Spirit
Cast: Larry Robertson

The Craft of Curation


Benjamin Holtrop, Curator


Creativity, design, and art—these things make connections and evoke emotions. Curation is the process of tying each of these things together giving an environment a character of its own. Discover what curator, Benjamin Holtrop, does with his blank canvas—the apartment upstairs.


Director: Richard Smith
Producer: D.C. Joseph
Cinematographer: Richard Smith
Editor: Adam Brigham
Cast: Benjamin Holtrop

The Craft of Placemaking

Premiere on April 2

Join us to watch the premiere: Register here.


Andrew Heathfield, Architect


What turns a box of wood, glass, and metal into a home so impactful that it becomes a monument of rest and reflection for generations to come? Discover how architect Andrew Heathfield brings a building to life.


Director: D.C. Joseph
Cinematographer: Josh Emerick
Creative/Producer: Andrew Stiebler
Editor: David Ball
Script: Claire Pytlik
Music: Hammock
Cast: Andrew Heathfield

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