About Us

Our Story

At the heart of Serif, there is a desire to create connection. This was first established with Doug Joseph’s indie film career, through his love of crafting narrative and igniting emotion.

As consumer brands started requesting Doug to create special content to help them reach their audience, a team began to collect to facilitate those requests, and Serif was formed.

That early spark has evolved into the assembly of a deeply collaborative agency model that enables our specialists to work in concert with our clients, creating truly compelling, hyper-connected content to make a genuine impact.

Our Leadership

Doug Joseph

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Blue collar work ethic and a lot of heart are all parts of Doug’s past that drive the success of Serif Creative. Doug’s gritty journey through entrepreneurship has been anything but easy or ordinary. Learning the art of storytelling in his grandmother’s biker bar led way to filming music videos in Iceland and ultimately to an Emmy nomination.

His background as a filmmaker helped begin to develop holistic brand stories, which serves as the basis for Serif Creative. As the Serif team, and disciplines have grown, so too have ambitions. In his current role as CEO he is most passionate about making brands succeed through a personal approach to client relations.

Doug is very proud of the team at Serif, saying “We’ve gathered extremely talented strategists and creatives, purposely from interdisciplinary backgrounds. Together, we help our clients solve complex problems, while creating some really stunning work in digital and visual narrative.”

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Andy Stiebler

President and Strategy Director

Account health and growth is one of Andy’s primary responsibilities at Serif, but one of his goals is creating an inventive and productive company culture. Serif is an advertising studio concentrated on telling stories of brand truth through design, tech, and strategy.

Andy’s background as a content strategist, specializing in user experience and digital strategy gives him a unique insight into how Serif can maximize its strengths for our clients as well as our own development.

One of those is our approach to content strategy. Andy states, “I’m passionate about our revolutionary content ecosystem approach which we make it possible by harnessing creative energy into a unique dynamic.”

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Serif Clients

We don’t show these to brag. Okay, maybe a little bit. But really, our client roster represents our ability to successfully service the unique needs of very diverse brands.

Leadership Experience

Serif’s leadership combines diverse professional backgrounds, providing our clients the benefit of our collective experience in servicing a wide range of brands and markets.