Mid-City Electric/Technologies

Streamling a B2B company's web content.


In early 2015, Mid-City Electric/Technologies commisioned Serif to build out their new website. Mid-City was a well established name in the commercial electric and technologies industry in Columbus and needed a web presence to match.

The old site felt like it was straight out of  the 90's. Users were overwhelmed with information and text as they clicked through the many, many pages that housed their redundant content. Our first goal in designing their new site was to streamline the user experience. Display the important information in a clear and concise way. The mission wasn't to necessarily get rid of information; but to figure out was was unnecessary, what was redundant, and what was not helping sell the quality service that Mid-City provides. After going through several planning sessions full of note cards being shuffled around with Mid-City's marketing director, Sarah Logar, our team ended up with a design that brought Mid-City's web presence into the 21st century. From there it was just a matter of executing the design and merging their old blog posts into the new platform.

Head over to our blog by clicking here to read about the client's first hand experience working with us, written by Sarah.

The updated Mid-City site can be found at www.midcityelectric.com.

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"Not only do we have a fresh, updated, responsive site, but I feel like, as a marketing professional, I now have an excellent resource in the Serif Team. I email Justin and Doug routinely to pick their brains about projects I am working on, and they always provide me helpful feedback with a fresh perspective. (Not only that, but they don’t bill me for asking random questions—they truly just want to help.) On a personal level, I have made some good friends in these guys—they are just a genuine, caring group of people. I feel very lucky to have worked with them, and to know them. 

Sarah Logar, Marketing Director

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