"A Truth Agency?" We're glad you asked.

On a cold December morning over breakfast and few cups of hot coffee at Wild Flower Cafe in Columbus, our founder learned a 5 step formula on how relationships work from his mentor. He learned it from his mentor, who learned it from his mentor, who is now passed away. Nobody knows where this relationship formula originated. Since then, Serif has been studying and applying this formula to businesses to help them get to the 5th step with their customers.

Scroll down to learn more about those 5 steps.

Step 1: Ritual

"Hello, how are you?" Step 1 in the development of a relationship is full of routine. In this phase, you are just introducing the basics to each other and keeping it simple.

Step 2: Facts

"Where are you from..? What do you do..?" This is where you start to learn more about each other and set the foundation for the rest of the relationship.

Step 3: Opinions

"I am going to vote for John Smith." Step 3 is where the relationship starts to change and get a little more personal.

Step 4: Feelings

"You're the best." Step 4 is where you start to get some depth and trust into the relationship.

Step 5: Truth

Step 5 is the ultimate point in a relationship. It's where you can be completely open and honest. When a relationship enters this point, it forms a long lasting bond full of trust. The 5th step should be the goal for every business to reach with its customers.