Spotlight | Evan Wagner Serif's newest team member

Serif’s team is growing again. Evan Wagner will be joining us as an account executive to help with business development and client experience. Check out the Q&A below to get to know him a little better. Welcome aboard, Evan!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Canton, Ohio

Q: What is your education background?

A: Bachelor of Science in Business Economics; Currently a 3L at Capital University Law School

Q: What is your role at Serif?

A: Business Development (Sales)

Q: What makes you come alive?

A: The Cleveland Browns


Q: Why are you interested in storytelling?

A:  A professor inspired me to appreciate the art of the story.  The class was “Law and Literature,” and it was probably, from a life-learning perspective, the most impactful class I took during my tenure at Capital Law.

Q: What are your 5 favorite movies?

A: In no particular order: Pineapple Express; Anchorman; Afro Samaria; Pumping Iron; Trainspotting

Q: What are your 5 favorite Instagram accounts?

A: I do not currently use Instagram ☹.

Q: What’s the best advice ever given to you?

A: Never be afraid of betting on yourself.

Q: Favorite coffee shop in Columbus?

A: Boston Stoker


Q: Why did you decide to join Serif?

A:  Serif offered me a package I couldn’t refuse; it included the right to take unlimited vacations and V.I.P. access to the corporate jet.  Just kidding.  Serif’s service sells itself, the people are great, what more could a person ask for.

Q: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

A: I worked for a manufacturing company back in Canton after my freshman year of college.  Twelve hours of hard labor, six days a week equals not an ideal situation.

Q: Coffee, water, or tea?

A: Water. Coffee. No, water.  But…secretly coffee.

Q: What is 1 weird fact that people need to know about you?

A: Generally, I am kind of a nerd, which I think catches people off-guard if they don’t know me well.


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