Founded on a blue collar work ethic, Serif has been helping companies define brand truths since 2009. Over the years, the backbone of Serif has transitioned from emotion to story and now to truth. These concepts are what the three dots in our logo stand for — silently reminding us on a daily basis that a company's Truth stands above all things in today's ever-connected world.

Makeway · Web Development


HustleWorks · Web Development
Brandon Rike · Design
Dan Parsons · Cinematography
Gage Green · Video Production

Brandon Bankes · Composer
Cheers Studios · Web Design


DiscreetAF · Technology
Matt Reese · Photography
Josh Emerick · Video Production
DJ Cosgrove · Motion Graphics

Jed Lachmann · Web Development




We are a family of passionate creatives committed to telling stories and truths of our clients. We work to change the world and make it a better place. We understand the importance of storytelling and have a supreme understanding of storytelling, emotion, and truth.


The world's authority on communicating a company's truth and story. We exist to serve and add value to our clients. Not only do we wish to create creatively excellent work, but more importantly, quality work that solves our clients' needs and generates the results they deserve.

Serving + Community

Serving others is what we take the most joy in and how we choose to earn a living. When we serve our community, good is brought into the world. Our work aims to form an authentic collective of clients who we consider friends so that we can bring people together and form a network of greater service.